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What Believing in the Possibilities Can Do For Learning & Teaching

By Thom Markham

Thom Markham is a psychologist, school redesign consultant and the author of the Project Based Learning Design and Coaching Guide: Expert tools for inquiry and innovation for K-12 educators.  This post is from December 18, 2014  by MindShift.

In medicine, the placebo effect is well known, but still mysterious. Through some unknown connection between mind and body, placebos produce changes in brain states, immune systems, blood pressure and hormone levels. Although most of us think of a placebo as a sugar pill, in fact it’s any intervention in which beliefs produce measurable changes in physiology, and thus performance.

Here’s a typical example: When adults enter a flight simulator and take on the role of Air Force pilots flying a plane, their eyesight improves 40 percent... Continue Reading What Believing in the Possibilities Can Do For Learning & Teaching


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