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News: New Parent and Student Web Portal

August 22, 2012

The Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District is implementing a new parent/student website portal named the Parent/Student Portal.  In this web portal you will be able to view more of your student’s data that the PVPUSD has on file. You will also be able to enter some of the information the District requests about your student(s) directly online in this parent web portal and no longer on forms.  Some items still require signatures and forms to be submitted but efforts have been made to simplify and streamline data gathering processes.

   Parent Letter: Example of letter mailed on August 3

  How to setup a parent account (Instructions)

  Go to Parent Portal Website:

  Online Help Videos


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who do I contact for help?
Telephone:  (310) 750-2015

Online Videos



I can't locate my parent letter, how can I get my account setup information?
Please contact the District via email or telephone at the address and/or phone number listed above. Please include a telephone number where you can be reached.


What items must I return for Registration?

  1. Terms & Agreement Signature Page
    Parent Web Portal
     > Student Information section
      > Data Confirmation
       > "Documents" Tab
        > Terms & Agreement Document - Page 2
        > Example:  Terms & Agreement Signature Page
  2. Final Data Confirmation (print the webpage)
    Parent Web Portal
    > Student Information section
      > Data Confirmation
       > "Final Data Confirmation" Tab
        > Print this page when you have completed the process
    Example: Final Data Confirmation Page Example  
  3. School Information & Activities Forms (print and return the items that are applicable)
    Parent Web Portal
    > Student Information section
      > Data Confirmation
       > "Documents" Tab
        > "School Forms & Activities" download this PDF packet to your computer
         > Example:  School Forms & Activities Example


I have more than one child that attends different schools in the District, do I have to create multiple accounts?
Parents only need to have one account for their family.  All children can be linked to the same parent account. 


When will student accounts be available?
Student account information will be provided in the first 10 days of school.


Do parents need to create an account every year?
No. This is a one time process.  If you have another child that enters the District (e.g., Kindergarten student), you will be able to add them to your existing account.


What if I see incorrect information on my student's account (i.e., a phone number or address)?
Contact your child's school.  You are able to edit and update contact information but the school office has to change primary student address and telephone information.


If I move can I update my address through the parent web portal?
Address changes must be done at the school office with the proper paperwork.  Parents can view current address information through the parent web portal.


What is the website address for the Parent & Student Web Portal?