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District Goals

2013 - 2014

Goal #1:
Support the academic achievement of all students through a rigorous and balanced curriculum, as we transition to the K-12 implementation of the Common Core State Standards while continuing to foster critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication skills.


  • K-12 Administrators and Teachers will...Understand  the  major shifts of the CCSS and begin to integrate  them into the instructional program  for all content areas  through the development of  common language and strategies for implementation
  • K-12 Teachers will... Implement instructional norms that align to the CCSS and adjust the learning environment to support the instruction required by the CCSS
  • K- 12 Teachers will… Integrate  technology into teaching and learning practices where appropriate as an effective instructional tool aligned to the  implementation of the CCSS and in preparation for the transition to Smarter Balance Assessment System
  • K- 12 Teachers will… Begin the process of aligning K-12  Curriculum and assessment in ELA, Math, Social Studies and Science with the requirements of the CCSS and begin to identify and develop transitional resources for the implementation of the CCSS
  • The PVPUSD will… Continue to provide support to teachers and administrators through Professional Development opportunities designed to facilitate the implementation of the CCSS at both the district and site levels.
  • The PVPUSD will…continue to provide opportunities to support leadership development and succession.
  • The PVPUSD will… continue to provide support to Special Education staff by enhancing communication and professional development.
  • The PVPUSD will …continue with the implementation of the expansion of the early childhood programs housed at VELA and MELA.  This includes licensing, facilities, staffing, and effective programs.
  • The PVPUSD will … continue work to provide effective intervention (RtI) to students at all school sites.

Goal #2:
Establish and implement multi-year plans in order to ensure the fiscal stability of the District and to support a high quality instructional program.


  • Staff will present and implement a plan, with Board approval, for a balanced budget in 2013-14, 2014-15, and 2015-16 once the details of the State budget have been analyzed.
  • Specific department and program budgets will be developed to guide/control expenditures.
  • Review systems and procedures within the District so that effective controls are in place to control expenditures and staffing.
  • Staff will continue to develop proposed strategies for increasing district income.
  • The new Student Services Team will use data analysis tools to demonstrate progress and contain costs through development of strategies for enhanced efficiencies without lessening appropriate services/programs for students.
  • Continue to implement the District’s Facility Master Plan while transitioning to a maintenance model.
  • Develop and implement a multiyear technology plan for infrastructure upgrades at school sites to support teaching and learning.

Goal #3:
Enhance communication and collaboration between and among District staff, students, parents, Board of Education and community.


  • Staff will develop enhanced public relations strategies to keep the community informed about District priorities (goals & objectives).
  • Staff will present updates on District goals & objectives on a quarterly basis at regularly scheduled board meetings.
  • Staff will continue to enhance two-way communication with school sites.
  • Staff will develop a unified informational campaign for the high school selection process.
  • Enhance public communication between Board members through periodic updates and reports from Board members regarding any District activities they participate in, including committees, subcommittees, advisory committees, etc.