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December 17, 2012



School Safety

The Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District takes its responsibility to provide the safest school environment possible very seriously.  I want to ensure you that the District has systems and procedures in place to protect both students and staff as best we can.  This includes:

  • A school safety plan for each school.
  • Maintaining excellent relationships with the Palos Verdes Estates Police Department and the L.A County Sheriff Department.  They provide outstanding rapid response to schools when called.
  • Practicing school-wide drills, including lockdown drills, to prepare for worst case scenarios.
  • Maintaining an emergency communication system that is used to connect with the District office, other district schools, and parents by phone and/or email.

As you know, this past week we had to implement those procedures at several of our schools in response to police activity in the community.  Our sites/staff responded with diligence.

Safe schools require a community effort.  We will continue to work closely with local law enforcement agencies and our PTA to evaluate, enhance, and strengthen our procedures.

Feel free to discuss safety procedures with your principal(s).


School Calendar Revisions
Changes to the student school year have been posted on the District’s website at  In summary, the following dates are now “instructional days for students” (Monday) January 28th, (Friday) February 8th, (Monday) April 22nd, and (Friday) May 17th.   Friday, May 24th is now a “student free day”.  It will be a professional development day for teachers.  Please check with your school principal/office if you have any questions about these calendar changes.  The changes only impact the 2012-13 school year.  The calendar for 2013-14 has not been determined.


Impact of Proposition 30

The following assumptions are being used as the PVPUSD prepares its multi-year budget projections for 2013-14 and 2014-15.

  • Prop 30 is a temporary solution to the public school funding crisis in California.
  • Proposition 30 did not create new revenue for public schools in California.
    - In fact, it is possible that flat funding from the State will continue for several years.
    - It does not make up for all revenue lost since the State budget decline in 2007-08 (approximately $500+ per student).
    - School districts need at least a 3% increase in revenue to tread water, anything less creates deficit spending (expenditures exceed income).
  • Prop 30 saved the PVPUSD from making severe budget reductions over the next two years (estimated between $7-8 million).
  • The additional instructional days in 2012-13 are for this year only, subject to negotiations for 2013-14.
  • The District is still projecting deficit spending, using reserves over the next two years.
    - The District is borrowing money from its own reserves/accounts to meet cash flow needs, like making payroll.
  • The District will also have to identify budget reductions in 2013-14 in order to maintain prudent reserves.
  • Cash flow is critical as the state continues to defer school funding.
    - Approximately 39% of 2011-12 revenue due to PVPUSD was deferred to a subsequent period.
  • We will have more details in January after the Governor releases his proposed State budget for 2013-14.


Peninsula Education Foundation

  • Continued support of the Peninsula Education Foundation (PEF) is vital to District success.  I encourage all families to make a tax deductible donation to the PEF before the calendar year ends.  The funds go to school site programs and staff that directly benefit students.
  • The PEF may be reached at or (310) 378-2278.



New Officers
The Board of Education elected the following officers for the upcoming year:

  • Anthony Collatos, President
  • Erin LaMonte, Vice-President
  • Malcolm Sharp, Clerk


 December 13th Meeting

  • The high school student leaders, who took part in the “Leadership Summit” in November, provided an update to the Board of Education.
  • The Board approved the design for the new Six Classroom Building and Weight Room at Palos Verdes Peninsula High School.
  • The Memorandum of Understanding between the District and the City of Rolling Hills Estates for the use of pool facilities at Palos Verdes Peninsula High was ratified.  The city contributed $73,000 toward the pool project.
  • The 1st Interim report, certifying the District will meet its financial obligations for the 2012-13 budget year and the two following years was approved.
  • The Board approved a resolution committing to the necessary expenditure reductions/increased revenue to maintain a 3% reserve.
  • The Board accepted the Audit Report for 2011-12 and the 1st Interim Report for 2012-13.


 Upcoming Board of Education Meetings

  • January 16th – Regular Meeting (6:30)
  • January 24th – Policy Meeting (4:30)
  • January 31st – Regular meeting (6:30)

Board of Education meeting agendas and minutes are posted on the District website at


 Peninsula High School Cyberpatriot Team

On Friday, December 7, and Saturday, December 8, the three Peninsula High School Cyberpatriot Teams competed in the second round of the Cyberpatriot competition.  All three teams scored 100% in the second round, matching their perfect scores from round one scores. The teams will move on to the third round on January 11th and 12th.

  Palos Verdes High School Football Team

The Palos Verdes High School football team won the CIF Southern Section Northern Division championship with a win over West Torrance on December 1.




 PVPHS Pool Nears Completion




The new pool project at Palos Verdes Peninsula High School is close to being finished. 


 Two-Way Communication

In the spirit of District Goal # 3, “enhance communication and collaboration between and among District staff, students, parents, Board of Education and community,” I encourage you to contact me at if you have any feedback on these topics.